I have always been someone who has enjoyed taking photos, but I'd have never labelled myself as a photographer.  I'd just bought a DLSR and I'm pretty quick in picking up how to do things once I've been shown, so I booked onto a Night Lights course, as I love photos that were taken in the dark.  Neil's course was just a few hours with fantastic results and amazing photos.  It helped me get started with learning the settings on my new camera and I couldn't resist doing more.

I have since done a number of workshops with Neil, and for me I now feel really confident in setting up the camera, ready to shoot different scenes.

Following Neil's tuition I understand why and when to use certain settings and how to adjust them to match different conditions - this helps tremendously in being able to capture that moment in time before it has gone forever.

I have also enjoyed the variety of different types of photography that Neil's courses have offered which has helped me grow in confidence, happily experiment in areas of photography and step outside of my comfort zone.  I also now walk around looking at places seeing photo opportunities all of the time so it always takes me longer to reach my destination!

I have now had some of my photos published in the local press, and on photography groups and websites and I'm most certain that this would not have been the case if it wasn't for the skills I'd learned with Neil and the inspiration

he has given me.

Michelle Williams

When I arrived at the bridge I was just more or less underneath it and it was still daylight with little promise of much nice light.  I took a few shots underneath the bridge, but what I really wanted to capture was the reflection as best I could and the infinity symbol.

My first shots were quite plain, and the sky was becoming really nice, so I experimented with trying to leave the shutter open longer to capture the light.  This shot was taken with my Canon 700d, on my 18–55 kit lens at 23mm.  I used an ISO value of 100, and an aperture of f/22, shutter speed was 1/6sec.  Prior to this shot I had tried having the aperture mid range and the exposure compensation reduced, but out of all the images I was most happy with this one.

I then used the Photomatix add on for Photoshop which created a little bit of HDR effect, I didn't want to overdo it, I wanted it to still look quite natural - this brought out more detail on the colours and the clouds and for me added a little more drama to the image.