The results can be beautiful, funny or frantic, depending on the subject matter.  With proper guidance, you can learn to do this quite easily - and that’s what this workshop is about.

It’s spread across two days - 4 hours shooting on Day 1 and 4 hours editing on Day 2.  You’ll need a laptop with some software, the details of which will be supplied before the workshop but you WON'T have to spend any money at all, unless you decide you want to do lots more timelapse work in the future.  No previous knowledge or skill is required - just an open mind and a curiosity about exploring some often overlooked aspects of your camera.

There are variations on this technique, for example hyperlapse and stop frame - and we’ll be looking at these too.

This example is very straightforward and it’s the combination of 2,000 still images into a 40 second period.  If you like the look of it, why not give it a go.  It would be a great Christmas gift for someone, or yourself!

Cost: £145

(Cost covers both days)

Introduction to Timelapse

One of the most exciting things you can ever do with your DSLR camera, is to create timelapse videos.  Even if you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘timelapse', you’ll certainly be familiar with its unique visual style in TV programmes and movies. 

Timelapse is the shooting of a large number of still images which are then combined with appropriate music into exciting short videos, creating amazing high speed movement.

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