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European Memorials

I find ancient churchyards and cemeteries peaceful and fascinating places, full of social, industrial and personal history; and of lost-lost life stories.

For many years, I have visited such locations, both in the UK and around Europe.

On a bitterly cold winter's morning in a Polish cemetery, my heart was warmed by the beauty, fun and ingenuity of this grave. The cross is made of stained glass and positioned so that even on dull mornings, whatever light there is will brighten the day of whoever happens to walking past. Maybe the person whose life is being celebrated was a vibrant and colourful themselves - it seems likely.

Whoever they were, for as long as the sun shall rise, their grave will brighten people's lives.

The Pewter Bangle, Poland

Look closely and you'll see a pewter bangle on the right wrist of this sad but beautiful figure.

The bangle is complete, permanently attached to her wrist and unable be removed from the memorial without cutting it off.  Amazingly, it has been in place for over 100 years, without vandalism or theft.  If only all cemeteries were treated with such respect.  

There is no way of knowing of course, but I wondered if the bangle had actually belonged to the girl whose grave it adorns.

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